Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions....

1. I want to purchase a chalkboard or a whiteboard but can't decide which!  Help!

We hear you! We find it hard to choose too. We think younger kids really love using the chalkboard to draw, doodle and create on. It looks so lovely put up on a kitchen wall too so we think it's a lovely spot for kids to get creative in the heart of the home. Older kids go crazy for the ezeepeel whiteboard. We can't tell you how many amazing ways they find to use their panels. A particularly genius discovery (thank you Hal!) was to cut the whiteboard down and stick it onto a desktop to be used as a never ending scribble pad. You'll love whichever you choose!

2. Can you cut your A1 panel?

Quick Answer - YES! The panels are wonderfully sturdy but simple to cut down to any size you want.

3. Where can I stick my ezeepeel chalkboard / whiteboard panels?

The Ezeepeel chalkboards and whiteboards love a smooth clean surface: a primed and painted wall, a fridge, a window, a table or desk top, even a door. If you put your panel up onto a painted but unprimed wall, the panel might peel off some paint flecks when you go to remove it. The panels do not stick well to textured walls, unpainted drywall, brick, cinder block, porous textured paneling, outside, non-temperature controlled environments.

4. How do I clean my ezeepeel chalkboard?

If you are using regular chalk sticks on your ezeepeel chalkboard, you can simply wipe it clean using any kind of cloth.  A damp cloth will take your chalkboard back to its perfect matte black appearance.  If you do use a damp cloth, we recommend letting your chalkboard dry fully before writing on it again.  

If you use chalk markers and find you have a stubborn area that will not come off, try using one of our amazing ezeewipe sponges or a spritz of kitchen spray.

5. How do I clean my ezeepeel whiteboard?

If you are using dry erase markers, your ezeepeel whiteboard should just wipe clean with any kind of cloth. If you find you have a stubborn stain, try using our ezeewipe sponge.

If you are using permanent marker, try using our ezeewipe sponge dry or with a spritz of household cleaner. Alternatively, kitchen wipes, rubbing alcohol, hairspray, or a paste of bicarbonate of soda will take permanent marker off your board.

6. Will permanent marker damage my ezeepeel whiteboard?

We love using permanent marker on our ezeepeel whiteboards but it will shorten the lifespan of your board. 

7. Will ezeepeel boards damage the paint on my walls?

If your walls have not been primed properly and tape or other removable adhesives peel the paint off your walls, then ezeepeel probably will too.

8. Can I move my ezeepeel chalkboard and whiteboard?

Yes! They are very easy to move around but like any sticky backed product, they might pick up fuzzy bits if not move carefully. 

9. What if my board is wrinkled or bubbled when I put it up?

When you put up your board, bubbles and wrinkles can generally be smoothed out by hand. If you're having trouble, try using a hair dryer. Heat will take out most creases.

10. Where can I store my ezeepeel chalkboard or whiteboard if I want to take it down?

We recommend holding onto the release paper. Simply peel your chalkboard or whiteboard from your wall and reapply it to the release paper for storage.