Application Guide

Welcome to our Application Guide.  It's important to note that Adhesive Products are not suitable for all surfaces.  

Ezeepeel is ideally suited for a clean, dry, smooth surface.  So if you've found the perfect spot for your ezeepeel product, make sure the surface is clean, in good condition and does not have defects such as flaking paint, cracks or incomplete patches.  Then, simply peel and stick!  It's so eezy!

We would say that Ezeepeel is not ideally suited for:

An unprimed painted wall - an unprimed wall might leave some of your paint sticking to our adhesive backed product rather than your wall when you try to remove it.

Textured surfaces or brick wall - your ezeepeel product will be bumpy as a result and might not stick as well.

Wallpapered walls - you run the risk of your wallpaper peeling when you go to remove your adhesive backed product.

Chalky or sandy surfaces 

Matte paints can contain matting agents that reduce adhesion and the porous nature can make cleaning after removal difficult.

‘Easy to Clean’, ‘Scrubbale’ and ‘Wipeable’ paints can contain silicon or Teflon additives which are not suitable for adhesive products.


 Ezeepeel does not warrant against damage caused by adhesive removal. Clean removal may not be possible if the bond between the adhesive and the painted surface is greater that the bond of the paint to the surface.